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SpaceMatters designed luxury villas which were to act as holiday homes in Himalayan town of Ramgarh, in Uttarakhand. The villas were also designed to possibly be rented out as  guesthouses. The site being far away from the town center, offered stunning views of Ramgarh valley. Moreover, the project provided a unique opportunity to reinterpret prototypes for building in the hills.


There have been drastic changes in construction in the Uttarakhand area driven by twin forces of increasing investment in building industry driven largely by interests outside the state driving the economy but also putting pressure on the environmental resources. At the same time the combination of seismic building codes and predominance of framed construction has led to the rapid disappearance of time tested building techniques and materiality which stressed on use of local material.

SpaceMatters responded to the challenge by creating a footprint that would be least intrusive to the surroundings, reinterpreting the form and material which built on the organic and traditional buildings of the region with the use of contemporary technology and sensibility.

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