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The house served as home for the chairperson of a local NGO as well as  a temporary accommodation for volunteers  engaged in the health and education sector at the NGO. The placement of the house was along the existing terraces of the site to maximize  on both the southern sun for warmth, and the stunning views of the Nanda Devi Range in the North.

Pant Cottage

The ambition of sustainability in the project was to embrace not just environmental aspects of sustainability but also social and economic aspects. The designers, with support from the clients, used locally available material, and importantly local skill to build the structure. This included stone masons, as well as engaging one of the last remaining exponents of the beautiful craft locally, the traditional wooden carving  Likhai, which has slowly fell out of fashion and favour by locals and outsiders building in the hills. This way the house was used to promote the local built heritage and culture and provide livelihoods, thus meeting environmental, social and economic goals, both for the clients and the local community.

Pant Cottage


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